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DSCR Affiliate Program

Become a partner in our DSCR Affiliate Program

Whether your referal is purchasing their next vacation rental or refinancing an existing investment property we have them covered with our Investor DSCR
Investor loan.

$500K loan amount X .500% referral fee = $2,500 dollars in referral fee paid to the referring partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a DSCR Loan? The DSCR loan was designed for investment properties. We take the subject property’s DSCR (debt-service[1] coverage ratio) to qualify the loan, meaning your loan is qualified based on the property’s cash flow and market rents. We compare the potential rental income to the proposed mortgage payment. If the rental income is equal to or greater than the mortgage payment – the property is qualified for our DSCR investor loan.    

Can you take the title in an LLC? Yes, the title can be held in an LLC, S-corp, C[1]corp, or trust.    

Is there any Limit to the number of financed properties the borrower can own? There is no limit on the number of financed properties (4+ requires board review).   

What property types can this loan be used to finance? Single-family condos, 2-8 units, townhomes.    

What loan terms are available? 30 YR Fixed, 40 YR Fixed with I/O, & 7/6 ARM. *Interest-only options available.    

Would you like me to show my income to qualify? No, we don’t need tax returns, W-2s, or paystubs to qualify.    

Can I use this loan to purchase a new property and cash out to refinance my existing properties? Yes, this loan can be used as a purchase or refinance solution.    

Can this loan use my short-term rental income to qualify? We will use the short-term rental income to satisfy the DSCR requirements.