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theLender DSCR loan referral program.

The DSCR loan is designed for investment properties. We take the subject property’s DSCR (debt-service-coverage-ratio) to qualify the loan; meaning, your client’s loan is qualified based on the cash flow and market rents of the property. We compare the potential rental income to the proposed mortgage payment and if the rental income is equal to, or greater than, the mortgage payment – the property is qualified for our
DSCR investor loan

How do your clients qualify?

Financing rental properties should be simple and straightforward, so we’ve geared our qualification process toward that—simplicity. NONI requires no personal income to qualify, so we won’t need W-2’s, tax returns or paystubs; rather, we use rental analysis. A key benefit of NONI is it allows our clients to hold title in an LLC or corporation. This is highly beneficial to investors and their portfolios, as holding an investment property in an LLC offers tax benefits as well as reduces exposure from a liability standpoint.

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