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Invest With NONI

NONI is our innovative loan product and MFUs represent an innovative opportunity to generate additional income from a single real estate investment. If you’re an investor who wants to take an active role in growing your capital, multi-family unit rentals are a great investment vehicle to build that income-producing portfolio.

Multi-Family Units

A multi-family property, or multi-dwelling unit (MDU), is a residential building with more than one rentable space. The most common examples are duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and types of condos. Multi-family investments allow for the acquirement of multiple properties within one building and are the epitome of scalability. They are the perfect wealth-building tool for those looking to expand their real estate investment portfolio; they compound returns quickly, are generally easier to finance and tend to benefit from economies of scale.

One compelling advantage of MFUs is the larger pool of tenants; and having more units to work with makes it easier for investors to earn their investment back quickly. Another underlying benefit of multi-family properties is there’s less risk involved. Unlike SFRs, where income is lost when vacant, MFUs are comprised of several units which alleviates the total economic loss. A perk for investors who prefer to be less involved in the management of their rental properties is the ability to take advantage of property management services; a multi-family rental typically generates enough income to afford their owners this luxury without significantly cutting into their margins. More income equates to higher value; since MFUs consist of numerous units, translating to multiple streams of income, these properties are generally valued higher than single-family properties, dependent on comparable sales as rentals.

Loan Terms


$150k to $3.5mm

ltv purchase

Up to 80% LTV

LTV refinance

MAX 75% LTV on Rate /Term & Cash-Out 


30 year amortization schedule


7/6 ARM, 10/6 ARM, & 30 YR Fixed

*interest only options available for ARM’s

interest rates

7.125% to 9.75%


Full recourse. Personal guarantee required on all owners

dscr requirement

1:1 or greater = NONI
< 1 = nearNONI


Lending to individuals, LLCs,
corporations and trusts*

*trusts on case by case basis

time to close

30 to 45 days

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