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Ready to purchase your next vacation rental?

We have loan solutions tailored exclusively for vacation rentals, our industry-leading STR financing removes the hassle from the qualification process. Say goodbye to the need for submitting personal income documents like W-2’s, tax returns, or paystubs. Instead, we center our attention on the subject property and its cash flow potential.


Qualifying the loan is straightforward — if the property’s short-term rental income potential equals or surpasses the proposed mortgage payment, you’re set!

short-term rentals

Short-term rentals, also referred to as vacation rentals, are furnished residences – a home, an apartment or a condo – that are rented to guests who are interested in short-term stays; anywhere between one night to one month. STR’s provide ample advantages to real estate investors, such as earning potential and flexibility. Owners can decide precisely when their property will be made available to guests, whether on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis.

Many investors purchase STR properties for the sole purpose of renting them out on sites such as Airbnb and Vrbo. Airbnb business has surged in popularity and has fostered a competitive and profitable business atmosphere. A recent study of eight major US cities discovered that, on average, STR’s ask for twice the rent than that of long-term rentals. Through STR’s, investors can make upwards of 20% more than they would on a property that is rent controlled.

STR’s are lucrative assets and are steadily gaining momentum as key stakes in our client’s investment portfolios. The vacation rental industry is a highly affordable option for short-term stays and since STR’s are generally cheaper than hotels, guests are drawn to vacation rentals as an alternative, primarily for the increased space and residential conveniences – this translates to steady occupancy rates for investors. STR owners are also in a position to charge higher rates, in comparison to LTR owners, particularly around peak periods such as holidays and popular travel times which cause spikes in occupancy rates and rental income.

Loan Terms


$100k to $3.5mm

ltv purchase

Up to 85% LTV

LTV refinance

MAX 75% LTV Rate/Term & Cash-Out 


30 year amortization schedule


7/6 ARM, 30 YR Fixed, & 40YR Fixed IO

*interest only options available 

interest rates

7.125% to 9.75%


Full recourse. Personal guarantee required on all owners

dscr requirement

1:1 or greater 
< 1 = available on case-by-case bases 


Lending to individuals, LLCs,
corporations and trusts*

*trusts on case by case basis

time to close

30 days 

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