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What is DSCR+ loan?

Innovative real-estate investor Loan

Our DSCR+ Loan Program, Explained Simply

Our DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan is created specifically for investment properties. Instead of focusing on your personal income or credit score, we look at the property itself and how much income it could generate.

Here’s how it works: We estimate the potential rental income of the property you’re interested in. We then compare this income to the proposed mortgage payment for the property. If the potential rental income is equal to, or higher than the proposed mortgage payment, voila! The property qualifies for our DSCR investor loan.

In other words, if the property can pay for itself through the income it generates, you’re set to go with our DSCR investor loan! It’s a great way to invest in rental property, using the property’s own earning potential as the main qualifying factor.

Qualifying Made Easy

Financing rental properties should be simple and straightforward, so we’ve geared our qualification process toward that—simplicity. NONI requires no personal income to qualify, so we won’t need W-2’s, tax returns or paystubs; rather, we use rental analysis. A key benefit of NONI is it allows our clients to hold title in an LLC or corporation. This is highly beneficial to investors and their portfolios, as holding an investment property in an LLC offers tax benefits as well as reduces exposure from a liability standpoint.



DSCR+ investor loan

Whether you’re purchasing your next vacation rental or refinancing your investment property portfolio we have you covered with our DSCR+ investor loan. 



Title can be held in an LLC, S-corp, C-corp or trust.


No limit on number of financed properties (4+ requires board review).




Single-family, condos, 2-4 units, townhomes.


30 YR Fixed, 40 YR Fixed with I/O, & 7/6 ARM.    *Interest-only options available.


In-house, STR and LTR allowed, no tax returns, W-2’s or paystubs.


Purchase, R/T refinance or cash-out refinance.

DSCR purchase & r/t

85% LTV Purchase (minimum FICO 740)
75% LTV Rate Term Refi (minimum FICO 660)

DSCR cash-out

75% LTV Cash-Out Refi (minimum FICO 660)

near DSCR

The nearDSCR was created to help investors when the rents don’t quite cover the mortgage payment. At theLender; we pride ourselves on leveraging our experience in situations such as these, offering us an opportunity to design creative financing solutions for our clients.


Allows debt-service coverage ratio of < 1.00.


Non-warrantable condos allowed. Rural properties allowed 


Cash-out can be used for reserves.


Amounts up to $3mm.


Minimum FICO 620.


LTV up to 75% with FICO 680 on purchases and R/T refinances.


Gift funds allowed.

how we

qualify the loan

Here’s a glimpse at how we qualify your loan – take your gross rents, based off the lesser of market rents or lease agreement, and divide by the PITIA (full amortization) or ITIA (interest only). For example:

interest only

If your debt-service-coverage-ratio is ≥ 1.00 you’ve got a DSCR:


gross rents



Mortgage Payment




full amortization

if your debt-service-coverage-ratio is < 1.00
we qualify the loan at a different price


gross rents



Mortgage Payment







short-term rentals

Short-term rentals (STRs), often called vacation rentals, are homes rented out for short stays, from one night to a month. They’re great for real estate investors because of their earning potential and flexibility. You, as the owner, can choose exactly when to rent out your property, be it nightly, weekly, or monthly.


long-term rentals

Long-term rentals are properties that are purchased and rented out for long-term leases. An LTR property can range from a single-family home, townhouse, multi-family home, apartment or condo and is associated with providing tenants accommodation for an extended period; generally, a minimum duration of six months or greater.


multi-family Rentals

A multi-family property, or multi-dwelling unit (MDU), is a residential building with more than one rentable space. The most common examples are duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes. Multi-family investments allow for the acquirement of multiple properties within one building and are the epitome of scalability. They are the perfect wealth-building tool for those looking to expand their real estate investment portfolio.


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Investor loans
the B.S.

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